Janet Lee, L.Ac., Classical Chinese Herbalist

After several years of study, Janet Lee, L.Ac. has completed a certificate course with the Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine (ICEAM), an in-depth classroom series and clinical experience focusing on classical Chinese herbalism. ICEAM offers in-depth training in the clinical application of Chinese herbal medicine according to the Han dynasty style of medicine found in classical texts the Shanghan Lun and the Jingui Yaolue. Aside from offering patients a highly documented and clinically tested form of herbalism dispensed by licensed acupuncturists, ICEAM also aspires to promote public health worldwide and preserve the lineage and integrity of Canonical Chinese Medicine for future generations. This is a true healing tradition preserved from Chinese master herbalists and presented worldwide by author, herbalist and lecturer Arnaud Versluys. Janet is one of two Chinese medicine practitioners in North Carolina with this training.   





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