Month: August 2012

  • NYT reports on link between Autoimmunity and Autism

    As a health care provider, I have seen for myself the increasingly common diagnosis of autoimmune disorders. Personally, I don’t think this is just because diagnosis is now more astute. My feeling is that this loss of self-regulation is on the rise. There are many theories behind this, but the New York Times makes an…

  • Tea: Drink to Your Health

    Tea has been called “The Heavenly Herb” in China. For those trying to enhance their health, there is no better beverage. Just like Chinese herbalism in general, tea drinking can be customized for your health needs. For example, if you run warm, cooling green tea is a good choice. If you’re frequently chilly, brew up…

  • U.S. Military Enlists Chinese Medicine as Healing Modality

    Read more about the military’s acceptance of Chinese Medicine; click here

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